What Happened With Lindsay Lohan Face?

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wrong plastic surgery with lindsay lohan ?

As if Lindsay Lohan didn’t have enough problems lately, her puffy-faced New York City appearance last night is causing concern.

She showed up at the Whitney Museum of Art Gala with eye lids that seemed to struggle to stay open and lips that looked freshly plumped.

The Daily Mail suggests the 23-year-old starlet is starting to resemble 54-year-old Donatella Versace, and appears to be tampering with her looks. Lohan arrived on the red carpet with dyed blond hair and a strapless gold dress that did nothing for her skin tone.

The worrisome appearance comes just three days after a Los Angeles judge extended her probation from a 2007 conviction for a year since Lohan missed mandatory meetings at a substance abuse treatment program.


She was ordered to three years probation in 2007 after pleading guilty to being under the influence of cocaine and no contest to drunken driving charges.

Lohan’s dad Michael recently announced he believes she’s now addicted to painkillers. He’s even threatening to take things into his own hands.

But his daughter’s not having it.

Lohan’s planning to file a restraining order against Michael within the next two days, and is afraid of her estranged dad.

Lohan’s mom Dina – who’s divorced from Michael – is reportedly pushing her to get the restraining skin order.